Zazen for Ordinary People

Zazen for Ordinary People:

The act of concentration by which every being gathers itself within itself – our very being – stretches across an abyss fading into bottomlessness.

From somewhere deep beneath the ground of all being the Form of things – falling apart and scattering – floats up to the surface.

It matters not how gigantic the mountain, how robust the man, nor how sturdy the personality, the question of nothingness, our own, that of the entire world, this very universe, touches the essential quality of all things.

This nothingness is nothing more than a display of illusory appearance essential to all beings. When all beings return to nothing, we leave not a trace behind.

From ancient times people have spoken of the impermanence of things, the nothing that allows not a trace to be left behind lies at the base of all things from the very start.

This is the meaning of impermanence.

As my dear friend Norman Fischer has said, “Only Love.”

I hope to see you in this floating world.

Kotatsu Roko

Wednesday, 5 September 2012



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