Tweak, Tweak, Sweet Charlotte


Tweak, Tweak, Sweet Charlotte

Tweak, Tweak, Sweet Charlotte

“If you want to understand buddhas’ miracles, you should study Guishan’s words. As this is no small matter, practicing miracles is studying the buddha way. Not practicing miracles is not studying the buddha way. This miraculous activity is transmitted heir to heir. Do not study miracles from those outside the way, those Two Lesser Vehicles, or interpreters of sutras.


When we study Guishan’s miracles we see that they were unsurpassable; each action was extraordinary. Beginning with Guishan lying down, there are: turning to face the wall, getting up, calling Huiji, talking about the dream, washing his face, and sitting up. Yangshan leaned forward to listen, and brought a basin of water and a towel. Guishan then described this as: Huiji and I have been sharing miracles. Study these miracles.


These ancestors who authentically transmitted buddha dharma talked in this way. Do not merely interpret it as Guishan expressing his dream by washing his face. Regard their interaction as a series of miracles.


Guishan said, This is no small matter. His understanding of miracles is different from that of practitioners who follow the Lesser Vehicles, have limited understanding, or hold small views. It is not the same as that of bodhisattvas of the ten stages and three classes. People of limited views study minor miracles of buddha ancestors.”

Dogen, Shobogenzo 26, MIracles


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