Master Myogen Has Died

Hello Monmouth Zen Circle Friends:

I will be coming down to Shrewsbury this weekend so that we can sit and practice together. I apologize for the late notice. I was away from 12.24-1.1 and had no access to the group list. It is the first full weekend in the New Year and I come the first full weekend of each and every month, barring Sandys…

Myogen Steve Stucky, the Abbot of the San Francisco Center died at his home peacefully, lovingly and surrounded by love at about 0710 EST Tuesday, 31 December 2013. He was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Let us dedicate our practice this weekend to helping Myogen crossover. Most likely he will help us.

I will tell a Zen story about the whole thing. So will you.

See you Friday evening at 7:30 PM for zazen and some discussion.

See you Saturday from 1000 AM until 5:00 PM.

Bring a bag lunch and something to share.

It is always more intimate to stay together during  our lunch break.

We will resume sitting at 1:15 PM.

We will have Dokusan in the afternoon.

I will give a Dharma Talk and we will share.

You are welcome to all or a portion of our festivities.

 For Myogen now in between: Good Passage, Bodhi Svaha, Kotatsu Roko


Letting go is love…



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