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Not Across, Here.

Not Across, Here.
Silent lament lures
sirens or
lets you go
As though there were
or is a
Nowhere, or
No other.
Odysseus could be
right here and
he’s not, nor Penelope,
The mute girl,
The one-eyed boy,
The Bardo;
White Blue Red Green: Light.
Princess Yodo,
The sweet mirror
Tokeiji, 1339.




Dogen, Shobogenzo #26, MIRACLES

Tweeking the Nose: Ouch! So simple.

Tweeking the Nose: Ouch! So simple.

Guishan is the thirty-seventh ancestor, a direct descendant of Shakyamuni Buddha. He was a dharma heir of Bhaizhang, Zen Master Dazhi, Today buddha ancestors in the ten directions, even those who do not call themselves descendants of Guishan, are all in fact his remote descendant.

One day, while Guishan was lying down, Yangshan Huiji came to see him. Guishan turned to face the wall.

Yangshan said, “I am your student. Please don’t be formal.”

Guishan started to get up.

Yangshan rose to leave.

Guishan said, “Huiji.”

Yangshan returned.

Guishan said, “Let me tell you about my dream.”

Yangshan leaned forward to listen.

Guishan said simply, “Would you interpret my dream for me? I want to see how you do it.”

In response Yangshan brought a basin of water and a towel. Guishan washed his face and sat up.

Then Xiangyan came in.

Guishan said, “Huiji and I have been sharing miracles. This is no small matter.”

Xiangyan said, “I was next door I heard you.”

Guishan said to him, “Why don’t you try now?”

Xiangyan made a bowl of tea and brought it to him.

Guishan praised them, saying, “You two students surpass even Shariputra and Maudgalyayana with your marvelous activity!”