the scepter that arises from heart which is all good, always.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We, The Monmouth Zen Circle, had a great time sitting zazen last Saturday at Blue Moon Yoga in Shrewsbury NJ. Two brothers, twins, Bassem and Sofi joined us in the afternoon just before the dharma talk. Bassem and Sofi are in third grade. They courteously sat through zazen instruction, and then a good ten minutes of zazen. When I asked them if they had any questions, Sofi asked me about right speech. It didn’t take long to get from Right Speech to Jedi Knights and the Force and the light and the dark. I showed them the Jedi Scepter Norman Fischer gave to me. We talked about Bodhisattva’s, Warriors, the Light, the Good, the Dark and Beyond light and dark and beyond good and bad. We talked about how posture is deeply related to the light and the good. We talked about good posture as the doorway to “All’s Good” and the importance of vertical and horizontal and the scepter that arises from heart which is all good, always. Bassem and Sofi understood this directly. They know. We adults know too but somehow what we call life has gotten in the way. That life is really death. It is not even real death. It is more like purgatory or some kind of hell where we are all waiting for something and we are all hiding from something. If it were real death we would be completely alive. The open heart is scepter, a wand, that makes all good. Open heart is beyond life and death.

Assimilation: Almost Poems Infected by Buddhism or Not

Assimilation: Almost Poems Infected by Buddhism or Not.

Entire representations, facts in themselves,
always and thus; we are. This is not dialectic,
nor is it simple assertion. That we stand or walk,
fall down and get up, breath in, breath out…
Until there is no return we are always coming
back: Beyond our control. To join with this, given
over to not knowing turns the entire universe,
allows one luminous jewel, a forefather
called it “one bright pearl,” – a teacup or a tree –
even death a non-occurrence. One immense universe
instant. Standing, breathing this blue sky – this entire
Milky Way – a river swallowed in one gulp,
all mine, not the possessive…



John Bailes: Kotatsu Roko
Friday, 12 October 2012