One Heart Zen

One Heart Zen exists because opening to the Boundless Heart of Being cannot be done alone.

One Heart Zen invites you to join with us in the practice of Zen Buddhism as we learn together how to engage the wonder of our lives— how to meet ourselves, our loved ones, our coworkers, human society, and all of life. Please see Offerings below. 

Coming together in silence, meeting one another, we learn to listen deeply, wait, and watch. We breathe together and know one another. We encourage each other with our effort to be present, awake, and aware. Compassion and love arise. We speak from our heart: a speaking that joins and does not separate, that affirms and includes, that is authentic, genuine, resonant with all life. 

We cannot do this for ourselves without doing it for others. This may provoke the questions: How do we take care of ourselves? How do we take care of others? How do we allow others to take care of us? In learning to be present to the silence, listening, watching, and waiting, this comes to us. It always has been here. It is time to listen and join with.

Take care of ourselves. Take care of others. Allow others to take care of us.


One Heart Zen offers daily Zen Meditation gatherings, zazen, Dharma Talks, monthly One Day Sittings, Sesshin, multiple day Zazen intensives, weekly text study and discussion, and Dokusan (private discussion with a Zen Teacher). Everyone interested in meditation, whether brand new, experienced in other traditions, or an “old hand” is welcome to join in our practice as your life and schedule allow.

Kōtatsu’s participation in “Presence”

On Sunday November 5th Kōtatsu participated in “Presence”, the final gathering of a year-long program called What Matters Now, sponsored by the Council On The Uncertain Human Future. The “creator” of the organization, Sarah Buie is a Wellesley Alum and her partner is Diana Chapman-Walsh, former  President of Wellesley College. Sarah introduces the conversation and Diana moderates. Lama Willa Baker shines and we hope Kōtatsu reflects their glow.

Council On The Uncertain Human Future:

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Due to a bug, the Calendar entries for January 2024 are incorrect. Please see the corresponding entries in December 2023 or February 2024.


Myoshin Tom Jones is facilitating a Buddhist study group with the support of Kotatsu John Bailes that includes a weekly zazen and the reading and studying together of Living By Vow by Shohaku Okumura, Soto Zen Buddhist Priest, translator of Dogen Zenji and Ryokan Taigu, the famous Japanese monk poet of the late 18th and early 19th century.

We start the class with 30 minutes of zazen and then commence reading and discussing the text together. A portion of the class will be given over to learning about our daily practices of chanting services and the service positions, ringing of the bells by the doan, and introducing the chants by the chant leader or kokyo as there is interest.

We will be meeting for live, in-person meditation Sunday mornings at Green’s Natural Foods (formerly Dean’s Market) on Rte. 35 in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Doors will open at 9:30 AM. Help is needed to set up the room so if you are able to arrive a few minutes early it would be greatly appreciated. I will bring a bell, incense, candle, etc.

If you have your own zafu and zabuton (or bench) please bring it with you. Chairs are available. No other meditation equipment is available—only chairs. I will be sitting in a chair.

We will begin sitting in meditation at 10 o’clock for 30 minutes; please be seated no later than 9:50. Zazen will be followed by kinhin (walking meditation) for 10 minutes (I will provide instructions on how to do this), which will be followed by a dharma presentation and discussion similar to what I’ve been doing for the last three to four years on zoom.

We are not able to store any of our equipment at Green’s so we will have to carry in and carry out any equipment at the beginning and end of every meeting. 

Management at the store has requested that we use only the front door for entry so please use that door only. Practice is open to the public so please share with your friends. No experience is necessary, instruction will be provided for everyone at every level. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Warm regards to all; I look forward to practicing with you soon.

Myoshin Tom Jones, Authentic Heart Zen

All are welcome to attend. There is no fee. Dana, giving support to the temple, is welcome. Questions may be directed to Myoshin at

Hopefully, the meeting will also be available on Zoom as in the past.

Join us at this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 992 853 8513

Password: 9928538513


9am Meditation Practice with Kōtatsu John Bailes Join Zoom at: Meeting ID: 870 0357 8063. Virtual doors open at 8:45 am. JOIN as you are able! 9:00am – Zazen (seated meditation), 9:30am – Kinhin (walking meditation), 9:40am – Zazen, 10:10am – Kinhin, 10:20am – Dharma sharing w/ Kōtatsu John Bailes, 11:10 – Service 11:30 am – Departure


Every weekday morning from 6:30 to 7:15 am we come together to sit zazen. Join us in the early morning softness at this link:

Meeting ID: 879 1961 0440

MONDAY EVENING GATHERING: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Join us for a 30 minute Zen Meditation, a short Guided Loving Kindness Meditation, a brief Dharma Talk, and a convivial and heartfelt discussion as we learn together how to practice Buddhism in this difficult and wonderful world. 

Join us at this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 769 901 424


Zazen and Dharma Talk with Kōtatsu Bailes. Virtual Doors open at 7:15pm. 7:30pm – Zazen for 40 minutes, 8:10pm – 10 minutes of kinhin – peaceful walking, 8:20pm – Dharma Talk, End no later than 9:10pm Join Zoom at:


Starting at 9 am, three sets of 30 minute zazen periods (morning and afternoon) with Kinhin between each period, Dharma Talk in the late afternoon. Feel free to participate as your schedule allows for the entire day or some portion thereof. Join at:


A sesshin allows us to immerse ourselves in meditation, mindful awareness, self care, synchronicity and harmony. This event runs from Thursday evening through Sunday late morning. Dharma talks take place on Friday and Saturday afternoons, and Dokusan is available all day Friday and Saturday. To see what the schedule is like usually like, click here.


There are no in-person sesshins currently scheduled.

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