About Participation

See an Invitation to Participate from our Zen Priest and Spiritual Director Kotatsu John Bailes.

One Heart Zen benefits greatly from your membership, but you benefit as well.

Benefits of Participation

  1. Supporting a growing Zen practice community and the experiment of a committed lay practice.
  2. Access to Spiritual Director Kotatsu John Bailes. You are invited to consider John to be your priest. He is available to meet with you privately in dokusan during sesshins or to consult with you by phone or email about your practice. John is also glad to perform ceremonies for members including weddings, funerals, blessing ceremonies and health and well-being ceremonies at the zendo or your home.

Ways to Support the Sangha

  1.   DONATING/DANA: Make donations and support our teacher and One Heart Zen. Payments may be made in cash, or through Venmo or by check. See the sidebar for information. Also, please see About Giving.
  2.   VOLUNTEERING: Support the sangha by helping and becoming more a part of it. This can take several forms. Please see: