The Ino has overall responsibility during a Sesshin, ensuring that everything goes well and responding to any issues that arise.

He/She helps set up the zendo, provides opening Instructions regarding the zendo, meals, silence, etc., provides paper and pen in some handy location for note-writing, sits in the back in the zendo for possible exit to see if absentees are OK, and makes any necessary announcements, usually at meals.

The Ino leads the meal chants at breakfast and lunch, and uses clappers to announce the beginning of eating and time for seconds.

The Ino checks with the Teacher and leads organizational meetings during lunch rest period as needed.

At Saturday supper, the Ino gives Instructions for last day closing and packing up.

Sunday after closing ceremonies, the Ino mentions dana for the teacher and the sangha, gives instructions for packing up and cleaning up, and checks that everything has been taken care of so that the facility is left as it was.

The Ino leads the Gathering conversation – How was this Sesshin for everyone?  Their service positions?  What did they learn?  What would they change? Thank you to everyone, especially to the Teacher.