Sesshin Organizer

The Sesshin Organizer initiates Sesshin planning and coordinates the event with other interested Sangha members.

Two months prior to the event, the Organizer invites interested Sangha membersĀ to one or more planning meetings. At those meetings, they:

  1. Solidify the date and verify the venue for the Sesshin – discuss any contract changes that differ from previous agreement
  2. Review, edit and date the generic schedule
  3. Assign Sangha members to Service Positions

The Treasurer obtains and pays for event insurance from the treasury.

As follow-up, the Organizer sends an email to the Communications leader, who then forwards it to all Sangha members, inviting them to the event and asking that they RSVP to Kotatsu John Bailes with their payment for attendance (at least one month prior to the event, checks made out to One Heart Zen). Kotatsu notifies the Organizer as registrations are received. In turn the Organizer sends the Attendee Welcome, the weekend schedule, and appropriate Service Position or Assistant description to each registrant (with their name at top)

At the start of the Sesshin, the Organizer and interested Sangha members bring supplies two hours ahead of attendees arrival time and set up the venue. SeeĀ Sesshin Supply Sheet.

At the close of the Sesshin, the Organizer and the Ino ensure all supplies are returned to owners, the Zendo room is returned back to its original function, all trash cans are emptied into the dumpster, and all lights and AC are turned off before leaving the venue.