The Tenken strikes wooden objects. He/She strikes the Han before periods of sitting, leads kinhin (walking meditation) with wooden clappers, and strikes the Mokugyo (wooden fish drum) during some Japanese language chants.

Instructions for 10 minute Han (10 minutes before zazen period begins):

  • Opening Introduction
    • 4 hits—-medium, medium, soft, loud
  • Short pause
  • Round 1   (5 minutes – check your watch)
    • 7 hits—-30 seconds apart (do not rush)
    • Run
    • 1 hit—medium
  • Short pause
  • Round 2    (3 minutes)
    • 5 hits—30 seconds apart (do not rush)
    • Run
    • 2 hits—medium, soft
  • Short pause (Check your watch!)
  • Round 3
    • 3 hits—30 seconds apart (check time, slow down if necessary)
    • Run
    • 3 hits—medium, soft, loud

Hurry to the zendo to sit zazen!

Kinhin (walking meditation)

  • When all are standing, facing inward, hit the wooden clapper together once, bow, turn left, and proceed walking slowly clockwise around the zendo. Note the time.
  • After 9 minutes, or 1 minute before start of the next zazen period, hit the clappers once, bow, and proceed walking quickly. Pass your seat at least once, then stop in front of your seat facing inward.
  • When everyone is standing in front of their seat, hit the clappers twice and bow.

Striking the Mokugyo during service:

Hold Mokugio in hand or leave on pillow on the floor.

For Enmei Juku Kannon Gyo chant

  • Start hitting fairly slowly.
  • Each of the 7 times it is chanted you get faster and faster.
  • The 7thtime should be quite fast.
  • you can keep track of the repetitions on your fingers.
  • On the last time chanting, slow down near the end, hit the last ‘shin’ very hard to indicate we are done.